Comparing Blade and Twig templates in Laravel

In my company, we use Twig instead of Blade for our Laravel projects. I know there are a lot of developers that also prefer Twig over Blade. So the question 'Why choose Twig over Blade?' often pops up. The reason is usually just a matter of preference, but in this... [Read More]

CSRF Protection in Laravel explained

In this blog we take a closer look into CSRF protection in Laravel. We compare the difference between the CSRF filter in Laravel 4 and the current VerifyCsrfToken middleware in Laravel 5. [Read More]

Using StackPHP middleware in Laravel 5

Laravel 4 was compatible with StackPHP middleware, but Laravel 5 uses a new way to handle middleware. This blog explains the differences and shows a way to still use Stack middleware. [Read More]